Meet Rachel


Rachel has a passion for all things entertainment, media and communications. She has worked in television production at KWHD-TV and at Channel 2 News (KWGN-TV) and Fox News (KDVR-TV) as a Floor Director and producer (at Channel 2). Her experience at Crawford Broadcasting Company landed her a radio show, Corner Cafe: Sharing the Story & Heart of an Artist. She is currently working on launching a TV pilot: Corner Cafe: Your Cup of Inspiration. Rachel is also a singer-songwriter and released a full-length album called Corner Cafe. In addition, she is talent for Big Fish Talent Agency.  

Rachel enjoys helping to administer communications assistance and develop content creation for her clients. She offers services such as public relations, newsletters, blogs, website management, social media, branding and business administration for talented entrepreneurs, authors and entertainers.  


Angie Austin || TV & Radio Personality, KWGN-News 2 & The Good News with Angie Austin


I've worked closely with Rachel Mains and I highly recommend her. We worked together in the news and radio business. She is honest, cheerful, efficient, conscientious and hard working. I just love her. 

Larry Douglas || Access Media Group, CEO


In addition to her amazing creative talents, she is a warm, caring and a dependable person.

Mike Triem || Crawford Broadcasting Company, Station Manager


Rachel has an excellent work ethic and she accomplishes her work in an organized and efficient manner. We found that we could continue to grow Rachel’s responsibilities, due to her ability to master the existing responsibilities. This allowed us to cross-train and grow Rachel’s responsibilities significantly, benefiting the company.

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Rachel knows what it is like to juggle multiple plates. She gets it. Entrepreneurs are folks who create things. Like yourself, she  loves to create!

Branding by Rachel

To be effective, your brand demands ALL of your colorful layers: logo, website and photos.

To be effective, your brand demands ALL of your colorful layers: logo, website and photos. A great brand strategy thinks big picture. 

Radio & TV Host || Executive Producer


Rachel is a Host and Executive Producer for the radio show Corner Cafe: Sharing the Story & Heart of an Artist and the TV pilot show Corner Cafe: Your Cup of Inspiration